Introduction of poker

Introduction of poker

Introduction of poker

Poker is a very popular card game among gamblers, although the exact place and time of this poker game is a mystery, but because of the Persian game called NAS, it is like that like a NAS by US sailors. who came to New Orleans. The French Canadians then bought a new poker version with them, previously playing games with five cards, and then this game gained popularity among the gambling frontiersmen among friends.

As time goes by, gradually the traditional poker look has changed drastically, with technological advances now appearing equally new and with the game of online poker games, this game is more interesting when new poker version is uploaded. this online poker site every second day offers new game players to try.

To play on online poker sites indonesia, you must have cash, now if you have no money to deposit but you want to enjoy and try build your bankroll, you have decided to play a great freeroll to survive. Freerolls is very easily available on almost all online poker sites. The interesting part of freeroll is, first of all free and second if you win the amount of money then you have money to play on poker site.

Suppose your luck considers you and you a huge amount in one roll only, then do not think online will you dilute that amount from the poker site, as this is free money and the online site will not allow you to take in general the amount like , You have to play with that amount on the poker table so you can spend your money; Sometimes if you win in a poker tournament then they will you melt your winnings. So Freeroll is a wonderful opportunity given by online poker suites, it helps you build your bankroll and is also very very important for people who do not have the cash to deposit on this poker site can also enjoy this game.

Players who play poker with freeroll are called free rollers; Most of the gamblers who actually play the last poker do not like this free roll. This happens because freerollers play games carelessly without seriousness, as they do not bet on their own money and play for free and of course.

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The trick is to try and survive through the first pause, suppose you have received a big card like AA or KK then you win by 8 2. Then your opponent will become more aggressive because the stakes are bigger now, players who play freeroll together play to stay ahead and keep seeing them in the game then definitely be able to build their bankroll or else you will miss this opportunity.
When you try to buy your ins with forums, then most of the time they have freeroll at the top place in the game series. There are some poker sites that give you a ticket to the final freeroll, the maximum there is a big guy who is opening it for freeroll.

Thus, Freeroll is a very good and fair opportunity offered by online poker sites, if you are able to take advantage of this opportunity to the maximum limit, then you can certainly build a large bankroll.

Is Online Versus Better for Playing 3 Card Poker?

Is Online Versus Better for Playing 3 Card Poker?

Is Online Versus Better for Playing 3 Card Poker?

3 Card Poker is a very exciting game and is rapidly becoming very popular among gamblers. The name 3 card poker is self-explanatory that this game poker is played with 3 cards. 3 card poker can be enjoyed online as well as in Brick and mortal casino. Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software providers powered this game.This version of poker game is fantastic, despite of whether it is played at land-based casino or played online along with the homely comfort. Now the question that frequently occurs in the mind of most of the gamblers is that is playing 3-card poker online is better then playing in brick and mortal casino or not.

To know the answer of this question we have discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of both the version, learn them then decide which is better for you.

Some Advantages of Online 3 Card Poker

Land-based casino is a place where social interaction is there, so all those people who love to interact with other people prefer brick and mortal casino more then the online version. Poker is a game having bluffing as the important aspect, and as you know bluffing computer is next to impossible. So if you think you can bluff other players very easily and can also identify other players bluff, then playing 3 poker card poker in brick and mortal casino is the best option for you because here you can watch your opponent playing and can also identify his game.

These are the only aspects were land-based casino is better then the online one. Otherwise, playing 3-card poker in brick and mortal casino is costlier then playing in online casino. Other then this brick and mortal consumes more time as well as is very destructive because at a time, huge numbers of people are playing games. If you consider only the time that is consumed for travelling to your favorite casino makes it a very big con of land-based casino. In case you stay near the casino then its fine but in case you need to fly to get to your preferred gambling destination then it consumes huge time as well as money.

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One you are inside the lands-based casino there are lot many expenses other the game that you need to think about. These expenses are related to food, hotel, drinks, and expenses on cell phones to communicate with your family, as you will away from them and then last but not the least the game itself. Its a proven fact that when you are in brick and mortal casino you bet higher amount then what you have targeted. This is because of noise, free drinks, absence of clock and above all the pear pressure.These are the things, which make gambling in brick and mortal casino the most expensive one.

On the contrary, if you are plying 3-card poker online sitting at home, then you do not need to spend time in travelling to your favorite casino, as you start enjoying the game as soon as you roll out of your bed. Then there are no additional expenses on drinks and food, as you need to manage with the stuff you have in your refrigerator. Then the best part of playing 3-card poker online is that there is no pear pressure, which influences your game. Even if you have just half an hour or one hour free then also you can enjoy the time by playing 3-card poker game online.

These are some of the pros and cons of both playing 3-card poker online and in brick and mortal casino. Now you need to decide which the best option for you is.

Learning to play 5 card stud Poker

Learning to play 5 card stud Poker

Learning to play 5 card stud Poker

For many poker players, 5-card stud poker has become a popular game. It tends to rely a bit more on luck and tends to be played more quickly than 5-card draw poker because in stud poker you are now allowed to trade in any of your cards for new ones. The hand you are initially dealt is the hand you end up playing and betting on, which ensured that you can get down to play right away. Plus, sometimes in 5-card stud poker, some cards are placed face up, so that players can make better guesses about the strength of your hand.

In this poker game, the dealer and other players sit at a table and place an initial ante or token bet. Then, the dealer deals each player five cards. The cards are dealt so that the first player gets one card, the next player gets one card., and so on around the table until each player has five cards. The dealer can play as well or only deal. In most 5-card stud games, the first two cards each player gets are dealt face-down so that only the player can see them, while the next two dealt cards are dealt face up, so that the whole table can see them. Based on these three cards, the players decide what sort of hand each player can have and make their bets. The final card is dealt face down.

The player to the left of the dealer usually begins the game. Unlike in other poker games, 5-card stud poker betting usually begins with the first card dealt and each time a card is dealt there is a round of betting. Once betting has begun, each player can either “see” the current bet or “see” the current bet and “raise” it. Since there are so many betting rounds in 5-card stud poker, the pot can get large quite quickly. This can make for an exciting game. At the same time, since you are able to see other player’s two cards, you can make some educated guesses about what hand they may be holding, based on the cards you have. This can make making educated betting easier for a skilled, logical player.

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To play 5-card stud poker successfully, you need to strategize well and look carefully at player reactions. As each card is dealt, your hand can look more or less attractive. For example, you may have a high pair, but when cards are dealt, another player’s face-up cards may reveal a higher pair. Such a revelation obviously throws your own hand in a different light. Always watch other player’s cards and reactions. Calculate what sorts of hands a player may have based on their face up cards. Also, make sure that you are not counting on a card that has already been dealt to another player face-up.

Role of Pre-Flop Strategy in Texas Hold’em and Other Poker Games

Role of Pre-Flop Strategy in Texas Hold’em and Other Poker Games

Role of Pre-Flop Strategy in Texas Hold’em and Other Poker Games

Today, every one of us is having strong passion towards Texas Hold’em and other poker games. One of the determining points in Texas Hold’em game is flop. The term flop is known as the point of no return. Whenever we wait for observing the flop, we used to commit part of our stack. Now, in this case, if we do the flop, we will risk losing of our own bet. On the other hand, if we do no flop, our risk losing a potential will win.Therefore, we can say that strategy of pre-flop has a vital role in the game of Texas Hold’em and in poker. The players should have good knowledge about how to play their cards in proper and wide manner before flop and miss or hit, which will follow it.

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Therefore, this article has given prime concern on some of the basic suggestions, which players can use them as guidance for determining their own pre-flop strategy in poker games. Although, in actual situations, we have to work in different manner, but still this article will give basic idea to the players in making their decisions regarding free-flop strategy.

Strategy in Texas Hold’em and Other Poker Games

Strategy of Fold Pre-Flop

The strategy of folding pre-flop is one among the simplest, easiest and comparatively less costly method of playing poker games. Whenever we used to fold our hand as pre-flop, the players do not lose anything from poker game. This is because; forced initial bet of the players would be already lost in case they fold. In addition, in case the players are having small and big blinds, folding is the correct strategy if this can keep the players at minimum losses for their hand.

Now, most of us will have the question that when should they perform the strategy of pre-flop. The answer to this common question of players is that when we have bad starting hands or if we are dealing with pocket cards, which will give us less winning chance, we should fold it. As per the general rule, we can perform this activity even when we have done investment in the pot. And obviously we do not want for losing the blinds.

Strategy of Call Pre-Flop

Secondly, most of the players want to know that when they should go for call during pre-flop betting round. The players of poker game are typically performing this whenever they try to slow and play higher pocket cards. Alternatively, players used to call at the situation, when they want to draw better hands. When the players trying to slow for playing higher poker cards, they simply match the bets placed by other players in the game. This is because; players try to be in the poker game and consistently try to contribute huge amount of money in the pot. Alternatively, for drawing better hands, players always try to keep the costs at minimum level, until they draw their desirable hand.

Strategy of Raise, Re-Raise and Bet Pre-Flop

Players should use the strategy of raise, re-raise and bet pre-flop only, if they are having an effective straight hand. In case, players are having higher pocket cards, rather than playing slowly, the players may try to steal blinds pre-flop, in case they do not have enough blinds. The players are also allowed to increase the cost of viewing the flop, so that they could reduce number of players and can make sure about their dominance after application of flop. In conclusion, we can say that strategy of pre-flop has vital role in Texas Hold’em and in many other variants of poker games.

Varying Payouts and Strategy linked with Caribbean Stud Poker

Varying Payouts and Strategy linked with Caribbean Stud Poker

Varying Payouts and Strategy linked with Caribbean Stud Poker

In the game of Caribbean Stud Poker, players used to place one type of bet, which is known as ‘ante bets’ before the dealt cards. After this, players have to dealt with complete five card hands, while dealer has to deal with only one card. In case, at this moment, players have decided to fold, they lose their both side and ante bets. On other hand, if the players decide to raise, they have to proceed with their next wager as bet. All the other cards are dealt towards the dealer. After this, casino makes the comparison of players hands and making of their payouts. In online casinos, all these processes take place within a very small fraction of time. In fact, these online casinos do not reflect highlight all these steps involved. In addition, novices used to wonder that how they can calculate their winning payouts. Therefore, players essentially have to understand the involved process.

As far as poker terminology is concerned dealer must have either a king or better hands in order to qualify. In simple words we can say that dealer need to have either a king or one ace card. When the dealer fails to qualify, players receive the payout in the ratio of 1:1 of the ‘ante’, while bet of players get push down. In case the hand of dealer qualify, the hand is then compared with the hands of players. The comparison of hands is solely dependent on the rankings of any of the standard poker hand. In case the hand of the dealer is better, player may lose both ‘bet’ and ‘ante’. If both the hands of players and dealers are tied together, both of them receive ‘bet’ and ‘ante’ push. On the other hand, if the players have better hands, they receive 1:1 payout on ‘ante’. Payout table is responsible for calculation of payout on ‘bet’. The royal flush can give the payout as 100:1, straight flush can give payout as 50:1, four similar types of coins may offer payout as 20:1. In addition, for full house, players can receive payout of 7:1, the payout for flush and straight are 5:1 and 4:1 respectively. Lastly, the payout obtained for three similar cards is 3:1, for two identical cards is 2:1, while payout for any one pair or less than one pair is 1:1.

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In theCaribbean Stud Poker game, players simply need to takwe only one decision i.e. Whether he/she wish to fold or to raise. Although, it may seems as if taking this decision is very simply but the fact is that its not so. The fact is that there are a lot of mathematically concepts linked to the game, which ultimately makes it very complicated. Thus, most of the players follow a simple strategy of moving near to optimal. Two situations are absolutely clear. If dealers hand is better than the player then the player must fold.

However, if a player has a pair or better cards than the dealer then he should raise. In this situation the strategy adopted by the player depends on the dealers card. It goes like this, if a player has ace or king then players are suppose to hold either jack or queen to raise. If dealer does not have king or ace then players can raise any of the card having the similar rank as the dealer’s. As players get use to this then they can move on with some complicated and tough optimal strategy. This was all about the strategy used in the Caribbean Stud Poker game.

Terminology used in the Poker game Indonesia

Terminology used in the Poker game Indonesia

Terminology used in the Poker game Indonesia

For experienced players poker is a very interesting as well as comfortable game but for those players who are new to gambling or playing this game for the first time for them this game very confusing. This situation can be easily overcome by learning about various aspects of this exciting casino game. First and the foremost thing players must do is get familiar with the basic terminology used in poker so that they can easily understand this game very conveniently. The terminology used in bit poker game is providing help to those players who are playing at their initial level and does not know much about the game.

Most online casinos have a particular poker room available where only the poker games can be played. Those rooms are known as “Card Room”. Now depends upon the status of player they will be allowed to enter in the room. You can either enter by depositing real money or can also get the free bonus to enter in. When you want to play with your real money, you need to make a “Buy in”. This is the minimum cost or for chips required to start and enter a game. If you want to make a first bet in round that bit is termed as “Open”. When you started playing you will always feel that you will only win not lose any game.

If you do not want to start up your game or you just want to join the already started game that is called as “Sit In”. Most of the poker players thought that they can enjoy themselves simultaneously with the poker game by using “Chat” option. This is a pop up window where you can get to know the other players and what they are doing. It provides a lot of fun but make sure or aware of that it does not cause a “Leak”, it is a weakness and the darker side in your game that will make you to win the less money. But, if you have a “Clean Out” which is a card that make you to play with the best hand.

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People who play a lot he will definitely develop a good strategy or pattern to play a game. Playing safely, fast and bet as much as you can is named as “Fast Play”. If you were the type of player that will play with the safe and best hand, you will be called as “Rock”.
The expression that is useful to know in all online casino gambling is “Cash Out”. When you decide to choose the “Cash Out” option, you have to finish your game and exchange your chips for cash. Naturally you need something to cash out and you have to make sure that what is in your account is that the real money or the bonus money.

If you were not looking for the money or you just play the game for fun but you want to leave the game you will have to “Fold”. In fact, this means that you do not have to put your money to the pot but it also means that you threw your card and you are no longer participating or interested in the game. Another case arises is that if you want to try to end the game by having the other players fold; you can try to pull a “Bluff”. A Bluff means that you can play the game better but you were pretending to have a better hand. Another terminology used for this is to “Buy the pot”. The above are all the basic terminology that is used in poker; to follow these terminologies easily anyone can play poker efficiently and fast.

Error In Playing Poker Online That You Must Avoid

Error In Playing Poker Online That You Must Avoid

Error In Playing Poker Online That You Must Avoid

Error In Playing Poker Online That You Must Avoid – In online poker play of course there is a mistake that you should know from now on because it will make you always lose continuously in playing poker original money. for you beginner players must know what mistakes you should avoid while playing. if you are able to avoid it, then you may be able to eliminate the potential defeat while playing.

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You can try to understand and then avoid once you know that it is a problem that will adversely affect your game.

Error playing online poker you should avoid now

Mistakes in online poker play you should now avoid following:

1. Wrong In Choosing Online Poker Sites

The first mistake that is often done is wrong in choosing a trusted online poker site. This is sometimes also often done by many players who are still beginners. When the players are new to start playing, usually the players will not be able to think long. The players just want to directly play the online poker game alone without thinking of online gambling sites that can be trusted. When in fact this is a very important part that must be considered every gambling player online. When you are wrong in choosing an online gambling site especially if you choose a fake online gambling site, then you will get is a loss and loss.

2. Too Scared In Playing

When some beginner gameplay will play rashly, there are some who play with fear. Not playing in many periods, beginner players often feel afraid to make mistakes, or just afraid to lose. Therefore, they will usually continue to fold until they feel they get an unbeatable combination of cards.

Fear can also cause players to assume that opponents who do betting with aggressive must have a high card combination, and they will fold up and get the best combination of cards. The solution to this is to continue playing and training your instincts in play.

3. Too Many Playing Starting Card (Starting Hand)

One of the biggest mistakes of beginners is that they feel that they have to play on every starting hand. They may feel impatient, or do not want to look weak in front of their opponent. It could be because they do not know. The J, Q, K, or As cards will always look good if you do not understand the Starting Hand Selection. Math and statistics, only about 20% are just a profitable starting hand in poker games.

The rest beyond that, the starting hand you play tend to just gamble with profit predictions. The problem with playing with each card is that there is little chance that your card will hit the flop (the first 3 cards on the table), and even if your card is about flop, it’s very difficult to know if your card is the best. By way of playing like this, you will be involved in every game and without you realize your chip will run out quickly.

The solution to this mistake is to learn and be more careful in making decisions based on the starting hand you can, with patience and diligent practice in reading the estimated card that will come out on the table and your opponent’s card.

4. Bound On A Game Period

Because poker is a competitive game, so the beginners think that poker is like sports, where “surrender” is considered a bad thing. Poker is not like other sports, and is often the right thing to do fold. When you first start playing poker, it’s very easy to be emotionally in the current game period. This is probably because the card you get is likely to be paired when the flop is shared.

You continue to survive in that period because you do not want to feel defeated or weak, or even because you are provoked by your opponent’s emotions. Unfortunately, by continuing to call on the game, you do not know your position until it is too late to realize it.

5. Unfair Bet Amount

Beginning players often do unsuitable bet, too little or too much. Sometimes when the beginner gets a good card, the bet is mounted even slightly and does not do the raise, which causes the number of chips won only slightly. on the contrary, sometimes players continue to make calls to “protect” the card in his hand. Both of these are wrong. Ideally, in poker, you want to do bet with the amount that can maximize your winnings, and minimize your defeat.

6. Too Want to Win

Similar to No. 4, beginners often stick with the cards because they expect other cards to appear that will raise the value of their cards. This includes straight and Flush, also including a pair or two pair.

Hoping like this is not wrong, but the location of the mistake is that beginner players are often too hopeful and finally make a call with a large amount. It may be possible that your card will be a good combination like flush, but rashly doing this can lead to defeat by a small amount.

7. Assessing the Card in Hand Too High

Common mistakes that beginners often make is to assume that they get a good card, even though the card turns out to have a small value or easily lost to a combination of other cards. Examples of cards like this are cards with small / bad kicker (K2, Q4, etc). Includes cards with high kicker such as K10, QJ, A8.

Better have more experience to play with cards like this. Challenge with this card is not many flop combinations that can make you feel confident that your card is the best card. Even if you get a pair, you can easily lose with a combination of higher kicker cards.

8. Let Emotions Affect You

Whether it’s a problem with your family or your work, emotions can influence your decision-making. This can lead to incorrect decision-making such as too expect on a small card, or feel prestige to do fold.

Beginners often make hasty decisions that cause them to be blind to see existing games that require intelligent decisions. So, if you feel getting carried away emotion in playing poker, you should take a break to refresh your mind.

9. Not Paying Attention to Game Position

There are many factors that influence decision making on poker games beyond just a card. The position in question is the sequence of turn in play. With the last turn, you can see the actions of other players before you decide what action you will take. This concept is very important. Beginning players often do not pay attention to their positions and make a bet or call without a plan.

10. Too Often Doing Snapping (Bluffing)

Some of the new players playing poker argue that poker is a bluffing game. Although bluffing gives its own satisfaction when it succeeds, but you should consider the percentage of success of your bluffing so it is not easy to predict.

In order for your bluffing to work, your opponent must think that you have a high card combination. If you always do bluffing, your bluff will not be trusted and your opponent will not be afraid to fight your card. Another component for bluffing is the amount of bet you have to show that the card is a good card, not the original action.

11. Play Exceeds Financial Ability

Even if you play poker just for entertainment, it’s still important to pay attention to your money amount. Many beginners do not understand this. You can play very well, but keep losing in a row. If you do not set your chip well, and play beyond your limit, it will cause you financial difficulties.

From some of the above errors is your chance to learn more to avoid

Errors that occur on the poker table cause financial losses are not small, but as a beginner, you should view it as an opportunity to learn. Do not worry if you feel you made the mistake written above. Everyone playing poker must have made a mistake. Professional poker players make only a few mistakes. Hopefully this information is useful to improve your ability to play poker.

Tricks Winning Online Poker Online Trusted Original Money

Tricks Winning Online Poker Online Trusted Original Money

Tricks Winning Online Poker Online Trusted Original Money – In online poker games there are things you must master in order to win in play, but many beginner players who experience defeat for not knowing more in how to win in playing poker original money. For those of you who are looking for information on how to win online poker games, I will give to you who may be able to help you later. You just need to understand and try directly with the tips that I will give below is complete and correct.

How To Win Playing Poker Online Original Money

There are several steps you must do in playing online gambling poker and other online gambling games as follows:

  • Do not play in any period / more often do fold

Perhaps the no. 1 mistake of a novice poker player is playing on any period. When you just start playing poker, you want to feel the fun of playing poker, to the extent you play in each period, although the card you get is not good.

But playing more does not mean more wins, and usually leads to even more defeats. If you feel you are playing more than half your total period on the table, you should consider Starting the Starting hand to play.

  • Do not play while consuming alcohol or drugs

By consuming alcohol or drugs, it can cause you to lose consciousness, or even loss of consciousness, which causes your actions to be out of control. Often by consuming one or both of these items, players will perform raise and call with origin, without considering the card in their hands.

Maybe consume a little of one of these things can make you more relaxed, but also can cause you to play with more origins and your instincts become more blunt, even if you do not get drunk.

  • Do not stick with the card in your hand just because you have already

Another common mistake that beginners often do is they often think “responsibility ya, have nge-bet a lot, so survive aja deh”.

NO, you can not win if doing so, instead you make your losses worse. We recommend that if you are sure that you will lose, and there is no chance your card can win, you should immediately do fold.

  • Do not often bluff

Many beginners understand that bluffing is part of poker, but does not understand how to do the right bluffing. There are no rules on how much you should do bluffing, but many players do not feel that they win unless they’ve tried bluffing.

Indeed, winning with bluffing gives its own satisfaction, but bluffing only works in certain situations, and in certain people, and if there is an opponent who always makes a call, chances are good that the bluffing will not work on the player. Better never to do bluffing instead of doing bluffing without consideration.

  • Do not make calls at the end of the period

These tips are the same as tip number 4. Many players who when the 5 cards on the table are open and know that they do not get a good combination of cards, but think that is already a responsibility, and even when the opponent raise, even then make a call.

You may be wondering if your opponent card is really a good card, or your opponent is just bluffing, but when you know you do not get a good combination of cards, why give your opponent more chips?

  • Do not play when you are angry, sad, or can be called bad mood

When you play poker, it should not be used as an escape because you’re upset about having a bad day. When you start the game with a chaotic emotion, play with emotion and not rationally, the game will not give the best results.

And if when you play, and suffer a big defeat and really make you feel crazy, you should immediately do stand up and rest a while until you feel more calm. When you are emotional, your opponent will feel your emotions, and will take advantage of it.

  • Pay attention to the card on the table

When you just start playing poker, you need to learn how to play and always pay attention to your starting hand, and when you’ve learned enough from it, it’s very important to pay attention to the cards on the table.

Learn the Starting Hand selection, and be aware of the possibility of getting flush or straight!

  • Watch your opponent

When playing, one of the best things you can do is observe your opponent, even if your card is not good. When you know that your opponent usually performs raise in what position, and when your opponent usually does bluffing, you can use that information to decide whether to call or fold.

When you know that your opponent often folds when the 5th card is open, then you can bluff and get the pot on the table.

  • Do not play with too high a limit

There are many reasons why many players move to the table with a bet higher than the table they usually play. Excuses like they have been winning consistently on a small table and are ready to move to a bigger table, or want to get a big win, or just want to “dress” to someone.

We recommend that you do not play with money your routine needs. Although you already feel a lot of winning on a small table, stand against the temptation to play on a large table. The next tip will explain why

  • Choose a table that suits your skills and finances

One of the reasons why you do not move to a large table after a lot of winning at a small table is when at least betnya up, skill players who play on the table was also up.

You want to be the best at the table, not the sheep that sit with the wolves. If you’ve won a lot on a small table, why move? Your victory can turn swiftly into defeat if you play on a table with a larger limit, and a person’s winning night will not last long on a bigger table.

Similarly reviews how to win online poker play for you to know and learn, so you feel the real victory with poker site online indonesia.