Error In Playing Poker Online That You Must Avoid

Error In Playing Poker Online That You Must Avoid

Error In Playing Poker Online That You Must Avoid – In online poker play of course there is a mistake that you should know from now on because it will make you always lose continuously in playing poker original money. for you beginner players must know what mistakes you should avoid while playing. if you are able to avoid it, then you may be able to eliminate the potential defeat while playing.

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You can try to understand and then avoid once you know that it is a problem that will adversely affect your game.

Error playing online poker you should avoid now

Mistakes in online poker play you should now avoid following:

1. Wrong In Choosing Online Poker Sites

The first mistake that is often done is wrong in choosing a trusted online poker site. This is sometimes also often done by many players who are still beginners. When the players are new to start playing, usually the players will not be able to think long. The players just want to directly play the online poker game alone without thinking of online gambling sites that can be trusted. When in fact this is a very important part that must be considered every gambling player online. When you are wrong in choosing an online gambling site especially if you choose a fake online gambling site, then you will get is a loss and loss.

2. Too Scared In Playing

When some beginner gameplay will play rashly, there are some who play with fear. Not playing in many periods, beginner players often feel afraid to make mistakes, or just afraid to lose. Therefore, they will usually continue to fold until they feel they get an unbeatable combination of cards.

Fear can also cause players to assume that opponents who do betting with aggressive must have a high card combination, and they will fold up and get the best combination of cards. The solution to this is to continue playing and training your instincts in play.

3. Too Many Playing Starting Card (Starting Hand)

One of the biggest mistakes of beginners is that they feel that they have to play on every starting hand. They may feel impatient, or do not want to look weak in front of their opponent. It could be because they do not know. The J, Q, K, or As cards will always look good if you do not understand the Starting Hand Selection. Math and statistics, only about 20% are just a profitable starting hand in poker games.

The rest beyond that, the starting hand you play tend to just gamble with profit predictions. The problem with playing with each card is that there is little chance that your card will hit the flop (the first 3 cards on the table), and even if your card is about flop, it’s very difficult to know if your card is the best. By way of playing like this, you will be involved in every game and without you realize your chip will run out quickly.

The solution to this mistake is to learn and be more careful in making decisions based on the starting hand you can, with patience and diligent practice in reading the estimated card that will come out on the table and your opponent’s card.

4. Bound On A Game Period

Because poker is a competitive game, so the beginners think that poker is like sports, where “surrender” is considered a bad thing. Poker is not like other sports, and is often the right thing to do fold. When you first start playing poker, it’s very easy to be emotionally in the current game period. This is probably because the card you get is likely to be paired when the flop is shared.

You continue to survive in that period because you do not want to feel defeated or weak, or even because you are provoked by your opponent’s emotions. Unfortunately, by continuing to call on the game, you do not know your position until it is too late to realize it.

5. Unfair Bet Amount

Beginning players often do unsuitable bet, too little or too much. Sometimes when the beginner gets a good card, the bet is mounted even slightly and does not do the raise, which causes the number of chips won only slightly. on the contrary, sometimes players continue to make calls to “protect” the card in his hand. Both of these are wrong. Ideally, in poker, you want to do bet with the amount that can maximize your winnings, and minimize your defeat.

6. Too Want to Win

Similar to No. 4, beginners often stick with the cards because they expect other cards to appear that will raise the value of their cards. This includes straight and Flush, also including a pair or two pair.

Hoping like this is not wrong, but the location of the mistake is that beginner players are often too hopeful and finally make a call with a large amount. It may be possible that your card will be a good combination like flush, but rashly doing this can lead to defeat by a small amount.

7. Assessing the Card in Hand Too High

Common mistakes that beginners often make is to assume that they get a good card, even though the card turns out to have a small value or easily lost to a combination of other cards. Examples of cards like this are cards with small / bad kicker (K2, Q4, etc). Includes cards with high kicker such as K10, QJ, A8.

Better have more experience to play with cards like this. Challenge with this card is not many flop combinations that can make you feel confident that your card is the best card. Even if you get a pair, you can easily lose with a combination of higher kicker cards.

8. Let Emotions Affect You

Whether it’s a problem with your family or your work, emotions can influence your decision-making. This can lead to incorrect decision-making such as too expect on a small card, or feel prestige to do fold.

Beginners often make hasty decisions that cause them to be blind to see existing games that require intelligent decisions. So, if you feel getting carried away emotion in playing poker, you should take a break to refresh your mind.

9. Not Paying Attention to Game Position

There are many factors that influence decision making on poker games beyond just a card. The position in question is the sequence of turn in play. With the last turn, you can see the actions of other players before you decide what action you will take. This concept is very important. Beginning players often do not pay attention to their positions and make a bet or call without a plan.

10. Too Often Doing Snapping (Bluffing)

Some of the new players playing poker argue that poker is a bluffing game. Although bluffing gives its own satisfaction when it succeeds, but you should consider the percentage of success of your bluffing so it is not easy to predict.

In order for your bluffing to work, your opponent must think that you have a high card combination. If you always do bluffing, your bluff will not be trusted and your opponent will not be afraid to fight your card. Another component for bluffing is the amount of bet you have to show that the card is a good card, not the original action.

11. Play Exceeds Financial Ability

Even if you play poker just for entertainment, it’s still important to pay attention to your money amount. Many beginners do not understand this. You can play very well, but keep losing in a row. If you do not set your chip well, and play beyond your limit, it will cause you financial difficulties.

From some of the above errors is your chance to learn more to avoid

Errors that occur on the poker table cause financial losses are not small, but as a beginner, you should view it as an opportunity to learn. Do not worry if you feel you made the mistake written above. Everyone playing poker must have made a mistake. Professional poker players make only a few mistakes. Hopefully this information is useful to improve your ability to play poker.

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